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...and features Jude Liebermann's action-packed thriller science fiction/fantasy paranormal/occult sensual/erotic romance novels & ebooks. Click covers above to read more about each.

Jude Liebermann is a retired sensual and erotic romance novelist who has written in a variety of genres. Formerly Brandewyne is the first novel she published and is offered for free.

The A Modern Myth saga consists of 5 books, the first of which Nada's Secret is free to read at most online bookstores. The fifth and final installment, The Next Generation, was just published in December 2017 and is only available at Amazon.

Kings of Klenar, the long awaited erotic prequel to Sierra Sky is now available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. There is also a sensual version for those who don't care for "adult" books. This alternate version is mostly important due to the questionable content in this story. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but you can buy it at all the other online stores linked above.

Sierra Sky, her first interspecies sci-fi erotic romance, released by Totally Bound, is very HOT! Seriously Reviewed wrote that it's "a fun, quick read. The sex is hot and varied, not to mention creative in spots."

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The entire A Modern Myth trilogy is available!

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