Mexican Sunsets
by Jude Liebermann

Kendall Sinclair witnesses her twin brother's death through his eyes.  Her psychic abilities have been with her since birth, and now she intends to use everything within her power to find Kyle's killer and avenge his death.

She travels to New Mexico and teams up with a mysterious man.  The unlikely pair uncovers the truth behind Kyle's death and exposes it.  Although they fight the attraction they feel for each other, they can't hide from fate.  

Can Kendall overcome her grief at losing her beloved brother and start over with the one man she was born to love?
The following is an excerpt from this wonderful story.  Thanks for visiting!

Mike kept running, hoping to get out of range of the floodlights and into the shadows.  He knew it wouldn’t be long before they overtook him.  He curved right and reached the woods, heading for the archery range.  

He darted behind the equipment shed and looked around the corner. It looked like no one was following him, but he knew better.  It was pitch black without the lights on.  He looked up at the sky and saw that the moon was behind clouds.  

He had to get out, but didn’t know where to go.   He pushed away from the wall and walked toward deeper woods.  At least they offered cover.  

The lights came on, causing him to freeze in place.  He looked ahead and saw the bull’s eye targets.  When he turned, he saw Miguel standing beside the shed.   He held his machine gun in a relaxed grip and walked toward Mike, stopping at the white line that marked where the archers stood to take aim.

“I get to practice a bit it seems.”

“Miguel, I…“

“Save it, Cop.  No one betrays me and lives.  Your partner found that out the hard way.  This operation’s too important. It’s a pity really.  I liked you.”  He raised the gun.

At the mention of his partner, Mike looked at the sky.  So that’s what happened to Ben, he realized.  He saw the moon break free of the clouds, and his mind was filled with one thought.  He would leave behind someone who needed him, someone he had let down.

As the spray of bullets entered his body, he reached out to his sister.

A scream ripped from her throat as Kendall Sinclair jolted upright in bed.  Terrified, she frantically looked at the shadows in her room. Her breathing was labored, and she gripped the sheet in tight fists.  She thought it was a nightmare, but only for an instant.  Even awake, she could still see it.

When she was little, she and her twin brother, Kyle, played hide-and-seek.  She always won, since she could see through his eyes and knew where he hid.  She could do other things she thought were completely normal, until she grew older and realized other people couldn’t do them.

She sat soaked in perspiration, terrified at what she had just seen through her brother’s eyes.  Kendall jumped out of bed and nearly tore off her nightshirt.  She ran to her closet and threw on the first clothes she found.  When objects suddenly blurred, she realized she was crying.  

For once, she hoped her vision was wrong, but her instincts told her otherwise.  She ran out to her Jeep knowing the brother she loved, the last living member of her family, was dead.

After several minutes of her persistent knocking, the door opened. Sergeant Scott Mooney seemed very surprised to see Kendall at his door so late.  When he saw her tears, surprise changed to concern.

“Kendall, what’s wrong?  Come in.”

“Scott, Kyle’s dead.  I know it.  He’s been murdered.”  She brushed past him, wringing her hands as she paced the floor.

Scott’s jaw dropped.   He reached out and held her still.

“What?  How do you know?”

“I…I saw it happen.  My God, I saw it!”

Her face flushed redder as fresh tears came to her eyes.  She ran her hands through her shoulder-length, dark, brown hair.

“Oh, Christ.”

He held her as she cried.  When she calmed, he led her to the couch and sat with her.  Scott looked over her shoulder and saw his wife standing in the doorway.  Judging by her sorrowful expression, she heard the news.  

She discreetly backed out of the room and mouthed, I’ll be in the kitchen.  Scott nodded and looked back at Kendall.

“Ken, how’d it happen?  Did you see who did it?”  Scott Mooney was one of the few people who knew of Kendall’s special gifts.

She nodded.  “I saw everything.  I…I even felt the bullets.” She shuddered and wrapped her arms around herself.  “The man was dark, Mexican, I think.  He had a scar on his cheek.”  She paused and tried to remember which one, then shook her head.  “It’s already getting fuzzy.  I’m sure I’d recognize him if I saw him again, and I plan on it,” she ended softly.

“What did you say?”  He leaned closer.

At first she didn’t hear him but sensed him staring.  She met his gaze and shook her head.  “Nothing.  Scott, what was Kyle working on?  When he left two months ago, he didn’t even say good-bye.  He knew I’d get the information from him.”

“He was told not to let anyone know where he was going, especially you,” he admitted sheepishly.

She glared at him.  “I had the right to know.”

“That’s not the issue, and you know it.  He was given an order, and he didn’t want you worrying about him.”

Her lower lip quivered.  “I always do.”

Scott exhaled as if defeated.  “It seems you were right to worry this time.”

“Didn’t anyone go with him?”

“Of course.  I never send in a man without back-up.  If anything has happened to Kyle, Ben will send word.”

“He hasn’t had time.  What case was he on?”  She asked again, to bring it to the surface of his mind.

Scott shook his head.  Kendall regarded him, then cocked her head to one side and closed her eyes.  Scott knew what was coming and moaned, lifting one hand as if to ward off a blow.   A vice slowly clamped around his skull, and he was reminded of the one other time Kendall had read his mind.   It was years earlier, and he hadn’t known her very long.   She wanted to know where Kyle had gone.  He had been on assignment, and Kendall wanted to know where.  After she’d withdrawn from his mind, he’d been shocked and a little angered.  He’d been troubled by the pain in his head and blood coming from his nose.  After he had berated her for what she’d done, he asked her about it.

“I’m not really sure,” she replied.  “It must be because I’m invading your mind, so it rebels.  It gives me a headache, too.  When I was younger, I could read anyone’s mind, and they didn’t even notice.  Then I could only skim the surface.  The deeper I go, the more pain the person feels.

“It was frightening at first, like a hurricane in my head.  Everyone’s voices came to me at once.  I couldn’t make out words because of all the layers.  I had to force myself to control it and turn it down.  Otherwise, I would’ve gone crazy.  As I got older, I found it was better not to read people’s minds.  Now…I must be out of practice.”

He wanted to hear more, but Kendall had stopped talking.   She had gotten the information she needed from him and left.

Scott looked at her as she stared at him.  “Ken, what will you do with that information?”  He asked angrily.  He touched his nose and was surprised there was no blood.

“I’m getting better,” she said as she ignored his question.  “No nose bleed.  Scott, why is Kyle at an all-male ranch in New Mexico?  Please tell me, since I don’t want to probe any deeper.  Otherwise, I’ll go get some tissue.”

She started to stand, but he pulled her down.

“Damn it, Kendall!”  He clenched his teeth, took a deep breath, and released it slowly.  He knew she was serious and wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted.  “There’s some heavy drug trafficking down there.  Kyle was supposed to infiltrate the deal.  Once he did that, he was supposed to call for back-up.  He had Ben, but I don’t know what went wrong.  We’ll have to wait and see.”

Kendall stood and placed her hands on her hips.  “To hell with that!”

Under normal circumstances, Scott would’ve laughed at her, as she stood defiantly in front of him.  Her dark hair was tousled and unbrushed.  She wore a faded purple tank top, green stretch pants, and sneakers with no socks.

Instead of laughing, he watched as she started pacing again.  Her nails clicked together as she spoke.

“I saw who killed him, Scott.  Can’t you understand that?  He used a machine gun.  There were so many bullets, and I felt every one.”  She winced at the painful memory and bit her lip. The vision flashed before her eyes again.  She would count on that to remember what the murderer looked like.    

“I can’t feel him anymore.”  She put her fingers to her lips, closed her eyes and concentrated.  Fresh tears filled her eyes, as she felt nothing.  When she opened her eyes, she looked at Scott. “I feel dead inside.  Kyle has been a part of me all my life, but now he’s been torn away from me.  I’ll get that son of a bitch!”  Her raw anger surprised them both.

Scott rose and stood before her.  “Whoa, girl.  You’ll do no such thing.  You leave that to us.  That’s what the police department’s for.”

She gave him a half-smile that didn’t reach her eyes.  “Isn’t New Mexico a little out of your jurisdiction?”

“Yeah, but they’ll cooperate.”  He replied, but he couldn’t meet her eyes.

Her own question echoed inside her head.  “Wait a minute.  New Mexico is out of your jurisdiction.  What’s Kyle doing there?”  She glared at her friend.

“Calm down, Ken.  Most of the undercover agents out there are known, and who knows if the others have been bought off?  Kyle and Ben Sanders were chosen from out of state so as not to tip off the underworld.  We felt that would guarantee their cover.”  He ended quietly.

Kendall didn’t reply.  She’d do things her own way.  It was best not to involve Scott or anyone else in the Phoenix Police Department. It would be over before they left the city.   She’d finish what her brother had started, beginning with finding the man who killed him.  She would first find the one with black hair and a jagged scar on his left cheek.  It surprised her how his image suddenly jumped back into her mind.

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