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Full Version: A sentence at a time
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I'm going to try something different.  Each time I visit, I will add a sentence.  If anyone else wants to play along, feel free to add a sentence of your own, and I'll add on.  Until that happens, I'll just create a story one sentence at a time.

There was a time long ago when all the children went missing.
No one knew why they vanished or if they would be found.
Of course the parents were the prime suspects, even though they all helped with the search.
When all hope seemed lost, and arrests were about to be made, all the kids reappeared.
Everyone was overjoyed, though none of the children knew where they'd been.
All were questioned, separately and together, but they all said the same thing, "we didn't go anywhere."
The parents were frustrated and scared but thankful to have their children back home...then the nightmares started.
The screams filled all homes with kids, and the parents rushed to their bedsides.
All the boys and girls breathlessly exclaimed, "It's nothing," further frustrating their distraught mothers and fathers.
Only one little girl said something different, "It wants us back."
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