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Full Version: How has you day been?
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Hey there! I am Shortie. Smile I am a mother to 4, an avid gamer, music lover and I love to post on forums and also read when I have the time. Looking forward to chatting with you all here Smile  take care!
Welcome to the forum, Shortie. Wow, 4 kids.  My 1 is enough of a handful. Smile  Look around and let me know if you have any questions.
Glad to have you here. So, how short are you?   Tongue
I always feel it is nice to have a spot where you can share your day with others and see how other members days went as well. 
Today I, unfortunately, had a migraine which I am still suffering with at the moment, it's eased somewhat but is still annoying but other than that I have been catching up on work and doing a few things around the house. 
How has your day been?