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Automatic Group Promotions - Judel - 11-21-2022

I wanted to let everyone know that you should be automatically upgraded when you have posted enough to be moved to the next level:

Reader < 5
Proofreader 5 - 34
Bookworm 35 - 99
Reviewer 100 - 299
Critic 300 - 499
Bibliophile 500 - 2499
VIP -  2500 

The upgrade won't be instantaneous.  There is a task that runs every 15 minutes that checks to see if anyone needs to be upgraded, so it could take that long.  Also, if you haven't been online or registered long enough, that will also delay it.  So if you haven't been upgraded after 15 minutes, let me know in a PM, and I'll take a look at your account.

RE: Automatic Group Promotions - Bloom - 11-22-2022

Yes, I notice I'm at the next level. Thanks for that!