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Give to charities? - Nebulous - 05-12-2023

Do you give money to any charities or organizations?

Which ones?

Which ones are the best to donate to? Why?

RE: Give to charities? - The_dog - 05-13-2023

I don't usually give to charities. Read too many horror stories about most of it going to the CEO.

RE: Give to charities? - Bloom - 05-14-2023

I just got a job at a charity, so I might be donating to that one eventually.  Depends on if it works out.

RE: Give to charities? - Nebulous - 06-19-2023

Hate to say, I don't give to any. I tend to think that my small donation won't make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But I know people will say "If everyone thought like that then they wouldn't get any donations" and they'd probably be right.
However if someone I know personally is having a crisis and sets up a GoFundMe, I've donated to those a few times (if that counts).