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BB-Reader Review: "A Council of Dolls" - Admin - 08-24-2023

Reader Review: "A Council of Dolls"

by Munmi: Mona Susan Power's "A Council of Dolls" intricately threads the lives of three Yanktonai Dakota women across generations, from the 19th century to the present day. Sissy, Lillian, and Cora's stories unfold against a backdrop ranging from Chicago to ancestral lands and oppressive Indian boarding schools. Ethel, Mae, and Winona, the dolls they hold dear, symbolize their strength and endurance. Power's exquisite prose navigates the complex relationships and harrowing experiences, while weaving a hopeful narrative of love and healing. This novel stands as a modern masterpiece, tenderly exposing the indelible wounds of history and celebrating the unbreakable spirit of Indigenous resilience.

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