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Everything Everywhere All At Once - Judel - 03-28-2023

Now that I've seen this movie, I can finally understand Angela Bassett's confused/sour expression as she realized she lost the Oscar for best supporting actress.  

Jamie Leigh Curtis may have had a few cute moments in the movie, but her performance was not Oscar worthy.  She was in the beginning and ending but barely at all through the bulk of the movie and most of her scenes were cringe worthy.  Like she was on SNL and doing a skit.  Angela's performance in Wakanda Forever was much stronger, and her character died.  Usually dying in a movie gives you that nudge toward winning. Instead they gave it to a caricature of a performance.  Most of the movie was cringe with a few interesting ideas thrown in.  Michelle did good with what she was given, and I really liked Short Round in this.  I feel it was  a role written for Jackie Chan, and he did a pretty good job of channeling him, especially during his fun fight scenes.  Overall, it was a disappointing mess, and I doubt I'll ever want or need to see it again.  I'm just amazed how many Oscars were awarded.

RE: Everything Everywhere All At Once - Bloom - 04-11-2023

I learned a long time ago that Oscar winners are usually those movies that are either artsy fartsy or were expected to do better than they did, so awards are thrown at them.  Haven't trusted the academy in at least a decade.

RE: Everything Everywhere All At Once - MisterBobbyPin - 04-12-2023

I highly respect it, it's a great film filled with great characters. I easily see why it won so many oscars.

RE: Everything Everywhere All At Once - The_dog - 04-16-2023

LOL I couldn't even watch the whole thing.  I stopped when the everything bagel appeared. WTF was that all about.