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COPPA Compliance - Judel - 04-17-2023

I do not have COPPA compliance turned on due to the simple reason of not wanting to force people to put in their date of birth.  I'm not sure why sites do this, since the rule does not require asking anyone how old they are.  I simply added a text box to the registration asking if the person is at least 13 years old.  Of course, anyone under 13 can lie and become a member, but then anyone can lie inputting their date of birth. I know I do. I hate filling those in, since it's no one's business how old I am.  Which makes me wonder why the COPPA compliance isn't simply a question asking if the user is at least 13.  For those interested, here is how to comply with COPPA: 

[To see links please register here]

(be sure to read #12)

ETA If you joined before I added this registration requirement, please edit your profile to update the answer to the age question!

RE: COPPA Compliance - The_dog - 04-24-2023

I just had to confirm I'm at least 13.  Hell, my kid is over 13.  haha