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The arcade currently has just over 40 games (I add more every couple days - the plan is to have at least 100 games).  It will cost you 5 Jbucks for two hours of access. You can play any game(s) available to your access level during that time. The higher your level, the more games you can play. If you want to stay longer, it will cost you another 5 Jbucks at the end of that time (or for your next visit).  If you run out of Jbucks, make a few posts and/or threads.

More than half of the games in the arcade keep score, so you can have fun trying to beat other high scores.  There are also about a dozen (or so) non scoring games, which you can just play for fun. Those are in their own category.  If there is a game you would like me to add, feel free to provide me a link, and I'll add it (if I can).

If we get enough members who are interested, we can hold tournaments to see who can get the highest score.  I will create awards for the winners, when that time comes.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems in the arcade.  I know sometimes the games have an error. If this happens, refresh the game, or play something else and then go back.  If the error happens again, let me know.

Please note that although you can access and play games with a mobile phone, some games will not be fully seen so unable to play. For optimal fun, please visit the arcade from your computer.

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