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Only Time Will Tell
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Only Time Will Tell
Ok, this is something I wrote a bit ago. Hope you like it.

He didn't know what to say. She'd bared her soul and knelt before him like he was the pope. He was half tempted to reach forward and place his hand on the top of her head. What was the usual thing to recite, "say 10 hail mary's and blah blah blah"?  He couldn't remember the rest.  He covered his mouth with both hands, suddenly wanting to laugh and knowing she wouldn't understand let appreciate it.
"Cindy, stand up."
She shook her head, unwilling or unable to look at him.  He wasn't sure which.
Dropping to his knees before her, he clasped hold of her arms and pulled her up.  She reluctantly met his gaze, tears streaming from her eyes and down her face.
"I'm not sure what you expect me to do, girl, but I'm not a priest."
She laughed in his face.  "I never thought you were."
He released his hold on her and stepped back.  "Then why are you here?"
Cindy scowled at him and scrubbed a hand across her dirty face. "Cause I'm pregnant, you bastard."
He sucked in his breath.  It had only been that one time.  Surely she hadn't conceived from that pitiful excuse for sex? He'd barely finished.
"And you're telling me that now? What happened to all that professing your love crap?"
She bent forward again, holding her face in her hands, bawling loudly again.  "My papa says he'll make me have an abortion.  I can't do that."
Sighing, he certainly wished her papa would have his way on this.  He wasn't ready to be a dad.  
"Maybe that's a good idea, Cindy.  I certainly don't have the means to help. I just got fired from my job at the dairy."
Groaning with disgust, she straightened and shot him the meanest glare he'd seen from her yet. "You're effing worthless, Dennis. Do you know that?"
Shocked beyond sanity, he stepped back and gasped, his mouth falling open in surprise.  
Cindy shoved him back farther as she stood.  "Forget it, you piece of shit."
Dennis could do nothing as she turned her back on him, cussing profanities the whole time, and walked away.  He finally breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that lying was as second natured to him as breathing.
That definitely ends differently than it starts, though it kept my interest. Well done.
Thanks!  Big Grin
Bloom  Heart
That's a nice story.
The end was different from what I was thought it will be.

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