BB-Reader Review: "Time's Mouth"
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BB-Reader Review: "Time's Mouth"
Reader Review: "Time's Mouth"

by Gloria M (San Jose): This is the third published work of fiction by Edan Lepucki and it is my favorite! It pulls you in from the first page as the "mouth of time" explains, "I'm not time, but I hold it." We are then introduced to Sharon, abused by her now deceased father, experiencing for the first time her remarkable ability that will set the tone of her life, and her descendants and the women who choose to "follow" her as she becomes Ursa.    I feel very uncomfortable reading about children in peril,  so often I found it necessary to close this book and take a break before I could resume. Yes, I am fully cognizant that they are merely characters on a page, but this does not alter my emotions. It is reflective of Lepucki's skill as a writer that this narrative is woven so intricately and compellingly that I simply must return to see where it went.   
I was never disappointed and  enjoyed learning about Ray and Cherry and Opal and was satisfied with their journey and the conclusion of "Time's Mouth,"  which is not always the case since endings are hard!!  I heartily recommend grabbing this one off the shelf!!

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