BB-Reader Review: "Mercury Pictures Presents"
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BB-Reader Review: "Mercury Pictures Presents"
Reader Review: "Mercury Pictures Presents"

by Gloria M: One of the most notable features of Paul Marra's latest work, "Mercury Pictures Presents" is his rare ability to fully feature his supporting characters in more interesting and vital ways.  The reader may even find that one of the bit players is their favorite.  Instead of  existing for a finite number of pages, the reader will find them returning again and again to the narrative.  This requires that attention be paid to everyone in order to fully experience this historical novel which takes place in various countries during the 1940's.
Marra writes well, with descriptive flowing passages and even the films described in the book prove fascinating.  On a more serious note, propaganda and the rewriting of history is examined within the framework of the story, providing some insightful perspectives and inspiring some trains of thought for the readers.
Who will enjoy this story?  Historical fiction fans, those who enjoy family stories and anyone who prefers literary fiction.  The discrimination experienced by both the minor and major characters is obviously relevant to the times we are living in.

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