BB-Reader Review: "The Spectacular"
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BB-Reader Review: "The Spectacular"
Reader Review: "The Spectacular"

by Bookworm Becky: 5.0
Dreams, glamour, legacy…
Two 1950s storylines —
Marion has either danced or taught the beginners at the ballet and dance studio for much of her young life. At 19 yo, on a whim , Marion auditions for the Rockettes . Surprisingly, Marion is among the 46 chosen to be hired. Her father is furious with her decision to accept the job - he wants her to quit and marry her boyfriend Nathaniel. Nathaniel finds it hard to believe that she would pass up this opportunity for marriage.
From 1940 - 1956, an unidentified man has placed 31 pipe bombs around NYC public locales. The latest bomb was at Radio City Music Hall during a Rockettes performance, resulting in one fatality. Police investigations for 16 years have not led to an arrest.
An acquaintance , Peter, a resident doctor at a state hospital is interested in the "personality road map" of profiling. His goal is to publish.
How do Marion and Peter become involved in trying to solve the crime?
What does F P mean?
What secret is her father hiding?
Fiona Davis is an auto- buy for me. This is my favorite historical fiction book of hers!
I have read all of her NYC books. I've visited NYC 7x and I feel I've done a fair amount of sightseeing. I wish now I had gone to Radio City Music Hall!
I bought this book on my recent vacation. Imagine my surprise when I got home & realized I had a signed copy! Maybe from her author event at the store a few weeks earlier???
A dramatic final act of an ending!
Good cast of characters!
A nice mixture of mystery, suspense, romance, & NYC history.
Don't skip the author's note at the end! Photos & info online about RCMH history and the real NY bomber. He left bombs in phone booths, restrooms,& lockers in many of the iconic NYC locales.
Highly recommend! Historical fiction devotees will love this one!

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