Jbucks Lottery
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Jbucks Lottery
There is a lottery on the Jbucks page, which you can access from the menu on the left (after you click Jbucks in the top links).  Please note that most of the winnings will come from the tickets purchased.  I might update this from time to time, but here is how it currently works:
The pot starts at 20 Jbucks, and each ticket costs 10 Jbucks.  The more tickets purchased, the higher the pot goes.  Each lottery is open for a full week. When it closes, the winner should be announced up to 15 minutes later, and then the next lottery starts two hours later. If this does not happen, let me know so I can manually run the task to determine a winner.  I do not decide who wins, but the task doesn't seem to want to run on its own, so I have to tell it to run.  Then the winner is announced and a new lottery will start in two hours.
So if you want to buy lottery tickets every week, let me know if you aren't able to.  I will do my best to check every week but will appreciate help if I fall behind.

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