I've added a Jbucks Shop
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I've added a Jbucks Shop
Just to give everyone something else to use their Jbucks on, there is now a shop where you can buy little trinkets that will show up in your profile. You can buy, sell or send them as gifts to other members.  There is no value to anything in the shop. It's just for fun.
I always liked Forum Currency. I never could figure out how to implement it on Proboards but have seen it used on many other ones. Do you perhaps have a list of what we could buy with it?
That's a good question.  Except for the shop, the only other things you can spend the Jbucks on are either the downloads or to play in the arcade.  I have a plan to add more awards that can be bought with them, and you can also play the lottery.  Check out the Jbucks link at the top of the forum (4th over from Home).

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