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Something Old, Something New
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Something Old, Something New
“It has to be there,” I insist, stomping my foot for emphasis.

Roz rolls her eyes and groans. “But there are so many better venues. Why there?”

I shake my head and deeply sigh. I don’t wish to explain my reasons, but I know she won’t let up until I give her something. “Everything important in my life has happened there, and this is the most important thing. I can’t imagine a better place.”

Roz groans again and pivots on her heel to reluctantly return her gaze to what I’m pointing at. She sneers and frowns before finally shrugging in defeat. “Fine, but don’t blame me if anyone complains.”

With that she spins around and walks off. I smile without looking away from the lone tree sitting among the bushes and shrubs. I let my imagination run wild and imagine where the tents, tables, chairs and gazebo will be set up. There is a small clearing on the other side of the small tree, and that is where the gazebo will go. Lights can be strung along the branches, with maybe even a few in the bushes.

I approach the tree and place my palms against the bark, leaning my head back to stare up at the leaves and small buds of developing fruit. Tears well in my eyes as I smile. The next time I’m here, it should be ripe enough to eat.

“Come on, Ella, there’s a lot of planning to do if this wedding is going to happen.”

I flinch as Roz’ yell reaches me, and I nod with a wave. “OK, OK, I’ll be right there.”

Stepping back, I look around the area one more time. It will be perfect.

The next month is hectic as invitations are mailed, RSVP’s are counted, dresses are sized and ordered. Roz constantly checks in to make sure all the ducks are in a row. She’s a wonderful wedding planner, and I have no doubt everything will be perfect.

Rodney stays out of her way. He doesn’t mind though, since he told me right from the start that he had no idea how to plan a wedding. I don’t either, really, so I gratefully accepted the help from Roz. She’s his aunt and gave me a great discount on her services. Rodney is the only person who hasn’t questioned my decision on where the wedding will take place. That makes sense though, because he’s one of the few who knows why it’s so important to me. Though I do wish he had gone with us when I showed Roz. He might have been a good buffer. Luckily, Roz hasn’t given me anymore grief about the venue.

She even did sketches and designs of how the area will look once it’s all decorated. Even she had to agree it looked nice.

The day of the wedding finally arrives with butterflies in my stomach. I barely ate the last week, so my gown is a tiny bit loose. It still looks great. I arrived early and hid out in the tent set up for me and my bridesmaids. All three arrive shortly after I do and help me in my gown. I had my hair and makeup done before I arrived, and Perri, my best friend and maid of honor, must have sensed how nervous I am as she slips a glass of champagne between my fingers. I lick my dry lips and take a sip, nodding my thanks to her.

She picks up a blue tiara and puts it in my hair, adjusting the veil around it. "This covers both the borrowed and blue."

I chuckle and nod approvingly. "It's lovely, thanks again for letting me wear it."

"Of course." She hugs me gently, avoiding my face and hair. “Your Dad is outside. Are you ready for him?”

I finish off the champagne and nod again. She takes the glass from me and then walks to the opening of the tent, holding the flap open.
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