$150 sign on bonus for Lee Books author
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$150 sign on bonus for Lee Books author
To get things jump started, for anyone who wants to get their fiction story published through Lee Books, the first writer accepted will be given a $150 sign on bonus (paid through Paypal).

That means that you  need to do the following:
1. register for an account here on Jude's Forum and wait to be activated.
2. Once activated, go to the following thread and provide the requested information about your story:
3. If given the green light, upload your book in the Downloads area under Story Submissions
4. If your story is selected, you will be sent an email with the basic publishing agreement.  When you respond that you agree, you are then a Lee Books author are eligible for the sign on bonus.
You will then need to provide your paypal email address, and you'll be paid $150 from Lee Books.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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