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A poem about colors
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A poem about colors
I found this today. Not sure when I wrote it, and I'm not a poet. But enjoy:

I’ve heard nothing rhymes with purple
Would that not be catastrophical?
Looking for words more full
of pleasing sounds to lull
those seeking the uniqueness of purple

I much prefer the color blue
Not the flashing lights behind you
But rather a pretty dress
often worn to impress
those seeking the many shades of blue

Yet you say you favor yellow
be it vibrant or mellow
It is a bright, shiny sun
under which all have fun
those seeking the warming of yellow

Not only us girls favor pink
Doubtful boys would make a stink
if a friend’s shirt was pastel
imagine some might yell
those seeking the shock value of pink
Nice poem. I liked how you establish mood through colors and relate colors with temperament.
 When I was in my teens I liked penning poems. My first book is actually a collection of poems that I published as a paperback. I have not penned a poem for a long time but in the past, I used to write narrative poems.

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