Out of Gas
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Out of Gas
This is a WIP that started out on Episode Interactive. I keep meaning to finish the conversion from that to a book.  If there is interest, I might be inspired to get back to it.

Gwyn awoke to darkness.  It took her a moment before she remembered where she had fallen asleep.  Her head still hurt, so she shoved off the couch and headed for the restroom.  She took four aspirin with a full glass of water, filling up the glass again before walking back into the living room.  Gwyn sat on the edge of the couch and drank half of the water before taking a deep breath.  She set the glass on the table and leaned over to turn on the lamp.  Bleary eyed, she looked at her watch, having to blink a few times before she could focus on the time.  She couldn’t believe she had slept until past midnight.
I’ll destroy them all!
Gwyn turned to look behind her with a squeak.  The voice sounded like it came from over her shoulder, but there was no one there.  She frowned and stood, looking toward the window.  Rounding the couch, she approached and looked outside.  Her apartment was on the third floor, but besides the cars parked at the curb the street below was deserted.  Gwyn’s gaze shifted, and she finally noticed a couple kissing on the stoop of the building opposite theirs.  The man watched the woman go into the building before walking to the curb.  He walked around and got inside an SUV that looked like a tank.  Gwyn shook her head in disgust.  While she did all she could to conserve fuel, there was fools like that guy that insisted driving cars that got a third of the mileage. 
Son of a bitch.  Those monsters are responsible.  I’ll destroy them all!
Gwyn gasped and jumped away from the window.  No one else had said those words.  They had come from her own head.  “What the hell?” She muttered and backed away until she came up against the couch.
Car bombs. Yes, that’ll do it just fine.
She almost laughed.  “Car bombs?” she whispered.  Where on Earth could she get something like that, and what would make her even think it?  Gwyn shook her head, not understanding what could make her think such things.  True, she didn’t like gas hogs like the one outside, but she could never imagine doing such a thing.  Shaking her head, she walked toward her bedroom.  She obviously needed more sleep.  If she still felt off in the morning, she would call her doctor.
Gwyn groaned as she rolled over in bed.  The sun peeked through the blinds and shone on her face. She threw an arm over her head and groaned again.
“It can’t be morning already!” She pulled her pillow over her face and tried to go back to sleep. Realizing the headache made such an attempt futile, Gwyn threw aside the pillow and sat up.  She ran her hands down her face and blinked her eyes a few times.  She had hoped the headache would be gone when she awoke and scowled to feel it still throbbing at her temples.  Lifting a hand to her head, Gwyn winced to feel the bump more pronounced.  She wondered if she had a concussion and thought again about calling her doctor.  Deciding they would probably make her wait at least a week to be seen, she shrugged it off and headed for the bathroom to shower.
Twenty minutes later found her freshly washed and clothed and heading for the kitchen.  She grabbed a toaster pastry and a cola from the fridge before turning on the TV and sitting on a stool to eat her breakfast. She flipped a few channels before settling on one with a funny commercial. She giggled at its absurdity as she munched on her pastry. Her shift at the restaurant didn’t start for a few hours, so she figured she’d do some laundry in the meantime.  Gywn went about collecting her dirty clothes as the voices from the TV soothed her frazzled nerves.   The news had started as she walked back into the living room, and she froze as she saw the bold print of the headline: Car Bombs!
Gwyn stood slack jawed as she listened to the anchorman explaining how several SUV’s and trucks had been car bombed during the late night hours.  Confusion flooded her mind as she shook her head.  “It’s not possible,” she muttered aloud.
The shots on the TV switched to recorded footage of the remains of a black 4X4 truck smoldering, as fire fighters put out the flames.  The black smoke blended with the night sky, and then it switched to a blue SUV in a similar setting.  The car had very nearly been blown in half.
Gwyn shook her head.  She had been thinking about car bombs the previous night, and just a few hours later…she couldn’t finish the thought and swallowed the lump in her throat.  Lunging toward the TV, she turned it off and then sank to the floor, placing a hand to her throat.
I know I'd love to read more.  Keep working on it, Jude!
Bloom  Heart

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