A Modern Myth

The Saga Begins

Nada Berch goes about her life as a nurse, trying to ignore the fact that she's different. When her dreams become nightmares, she meets a kind vet that wants to help her remember her past. Is she ready to face the truth of what she is? Travel along with Nada in this saga as she falls in love, meets her maker and tries to save all that she knows and cares for.

The Saga Concludes (or does it?)

Jude Liebermann has completed her first saga. Although she has written a sequel that takes place 20 years after the first, A Modern Myth is not only her first attempt at writing five books that have continuing stories (or myths) but also her first in the occult/paranormal genre.

A Paranormal/Occult Saga

By Jude Liebermann

The Books

This exciting saga can be purchased in paperback (only the first three) or ebook format. Be sure to visit each page below for excerpt and/or purchase info.