A Modern Myth

The Saga Begins

Nada Berch goes about her life as a nurse, trying to ignore the fact that she's different. When her dreams become nightmares, she meets a kind vet that wants to help her remember her past. Is she ready to face the truth of what she is? Travel along with Nada in this saga as she falls in love, meets her maker and tries to save all that she knows and cares for.

The Saga Concludes (or does it?)

Jude Liebermann has completed her first saga. Although she has written a sequel that takes place 20 years after the first, A Modern Myth is not only her first attempt at writing four books that have continuing stories (or myths) but also her first in the occult/paranormal genre.

Grady's Return

The following is sexual in nature. Please do not read if under age or easily offended

Excerpt of A Modern Myth: Grady's Return


She never thought it would feel so good. She closed her eyes as his lips trailed down her throat. Her legs moved around his lean hips and locked behind his waist. She met each thrust with one of her own. His mouth caught her next moan as his lips met hers, his tongue thrusting in time to their joined bodies. The deeper he went, the more breathless she became. She knew her climax was close and wondered how she could handle it. Was it possible to die from too much pleasure?
"Oh, God!" She wailed as she dug her fingernails into his back.
"No, say my name!" Came his hoarse reply.
She shook her head; not sure she could speak again, but then the scream was ripped from her lungs as his final thrust pushed her over the edge.

"Oh, Grady!" Nada Berch screamed as she rolled off the bed. Her arms went up to protect her face, but the plush carpet protected her body from harm. She knew from past experience never to have hard wood floors in her bedroom ever again. Her legs were caught up in the sheet, but she left it alone. Instead, she rolled onto her back and stared up at the white ceiling.

Nada took a deep breath and sighed. Her gaze moved from her nightshirt to her feet, which were still on her bed. She bit her lip and pushed up to a sitting position. After pulling her legs from the sheet, she stood and then sat on the edge of her empty queen sized bed. She leaned forward, crossed her arms over her knees and rested her forehead on her wrists. The tears were unexpected, but she didn"t try to stop them.
How could a dream seem so real when she"d never experienced anything like that before, let alone with Grady Duncan? She and Grady had only shared one kiss, before fate intervened and left him in a coma. Even her lovemaking with Derek, the only other man she'd ever loved, hadn't been as good as that dream.
Nada had convinced herself months earlier that Grady would never wake up. Even his doctors said that once he hit the one-year mark, the odds got even worse. When he hit the two-year mark in six months, the hospital would have to transfer him to a long-term care facility. Nada dreaded that, since the nearest one was over thirty miles away. Grady being at the hospital where she worked made her frequent visits easier, though in the last few months she had cut them down to once a week. She had to accept that even if he did wake up at this point, he wouldn't be the Grady she knew. She hated referring to him as a vegetable, but that had been the only way she was able to begin distancing herself from him.
The twins were a much-needed distraction, even though the stress of learning they were growing faster than normal didn"t help her state of mind. They were a year old but looked like two-year-olds. That wasn"t too shocking at current, but if they kept up that growth, she wouldn"t be able to hide it for long. Not to mention that they did have the same thirst for blood, though it had been too much to hope that they wouldn"t have taken after their parents. They were also exceptionally bright and spoke too clearly even for two-year-olds. Thinking about the twins reminded her that she had screamed herself awake. Nada was surprised she couldn"t hear them crying. She got up and left her bedroom, heading for the twins" room. The door was ajar, so she slowly pushed it wider for entrance.
"You OK?"
Their voices came at the same time. Nada looked from Dawn to Drew, and then she smiled. They both stood in their cribs, pressed to the side closest to their sibling. The toddlers held hands over the railings.
She walked over to stand between their cribs. She leaned over and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. "I"m fine, sweets. Sorry I woke you. Mommy had a bad dream."
"Feel better now?" Drew asked in a small voice.
She looked at his dark head. Her son looked too much like Kyros, though she tried not to let that bother her. After all, Kyros had looked like Derek. Well, almost. Nada scanned his features, trying to determine if there was anything wrong with them. She caressed his small cheek and nodded. Since he was usually the one waking her up with his own nightmares, she was relieved not having to ask him that question. She hoped he grew out of them soon, since his screams were blood curdling and took several minutes of her soothing to calm him down. "I"m fine, baby."
Nada turned to look at Dawn. She didn"t know whom Dawn looked like. The blonde hair and blue eyes certainly didn"t come from her side of the family. Her daughter looked like an angel, and she had hopes that none of Kyros" evil would ever corrupt her. At least nightmares didn"t seem to plague her sleep. Nada looked back at Drew and nodded again. Just because he looked like his father, didn"t mean he'd be like him. Both of her children would be fine.
"You two go back to sleep. Mommy's sorry she woke you. See you in the morning." Nada pulled the door shut behind her as she left and then leaned against it. She closed her eyes to fight the tears threatening to form.
When she heard the ringing, she thought it was in her head. She pushed away from the door and headed back to her room. It was the phone. Who could be calling in the middle of the night? The hospital hadn't done that since she had the twins, and she didn't have any other family. "Grady!" She breathed and raced to the phone.
"Nada, he's awake." She heard Dr. Zack Thorton say.
"I'll be right there." She hung up without another word.

The next half-hour was a blur. Nada took the twins to a neighbor and headed to the hospital. She barely listened as Zack tried to tell her Grady"s condition. She wouldn't relax until they let her in his room. As she stood staring at his sleeping form, Zack placed his hands on her shoulders.
"He only came to for a few minutes before falling asleep. He was awake when I called but was out when I came back. No one's been able to ask him any questions."
Nada nodded and approached the bed. She took one of Grady's hands in hers. "I'll stay here until he wakes up again." She glanced up at Zack and gave him an apologetic look. "Could you please give us some time?"
His hands had slid away from her shoulders and were resting at his sides. She could see his jaw tighten slightly, but he nodded. "Sure, Hon. I'll be on rounds if you need me."
Nada nodded and looked back at Grady. She pulled a chair closer to the bed and sat in it. Nada lifted his hand to her mouth and kissed his knuckles. "Grady, can you hear me? It's Nada." Leaning forward, she placed her ear to his chest. His heartbeat was definitely stronger. The rhythmic sound of it put her to sleep.

She awoke abruptly when she felt her hand squeezed. Nada sat up abruptly and gasped to see his eyes open. "Grady!" She knew she should call someone, but she didn't want anyone interfering with their reunion. "How are you?" Impulsively, she kissed his cheek.
He watched her for a moment before parting his lips. His dry tongue came out and tried to lick his lips but was unable to moisten them. As he tried to ask for water, Nada reached for the pitcher on the table and poured him some. She held the straw for him as he took a tentative sip. He nodded his thank you and again focused on her. He licked his lips again and cleared his throat.
"Who are you?" His voice was hoarse, but she understood every word. Nada covered her mouth, as her other hand reached out to hit the call button. By the time the room filled with people, the tears in her eyes made them all unrecognizable.

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