A Modern Myth

The Saga Begins

Nada Berch goes about her life as a nurse, trying to ignore the fact that she's different. When her dreams become nightmares, she meets a kind vet that wants to help her remember her past. Is she ready to face the truth of what she is? Travel along with Nada in this saga as she falls in love, meets her maker and tries to save all that she knows and cares for.

The Saga Concludes (or does it?)

Jude Liebermann has completed her first saga. Although she has written a sequel that takes place 20 years after the first, A Modern Myth is not only her first attempt at writing five books that have continuing stories (or myths) but also her first in the occult/paranormal genre.

The Next Generation

Excerpt from A Modern Myth: The Next Generation

Dana stood in a dark alley with a virtual stranger. She knew absolutely nothing about him, but she wasn't afraid. If anything, he made her feel safe. The Groove was behind her, and she noticed the motel sign across from them.
"Are you feeling better?"
His voice was like a warm caress, and she quivered. Her gaze returned to the sign. There was a motel next door to The Groove.
She tore her gaze from the sign and turned to face him, almost afraid to look into his eyes again. "Oh, sorry! I guess I'm feeling a bit better. That is a nice breeze."
So why do I still feel hot? Slowly lifting her gaze, their eyes met. Her breath caught as she stared into them. Warmth flowed through her body, pooling between her legs. He wasn't even touching her, so she couldn't imagine why she was aroused. "Do I know you?"
He smiled, and she melted. "No, but I do get a sense of familiarity with you. Like I've known you my whole life."
Normally that would be a cheesy pick-up line, but she felt the same way. "Why do I have this connection with you? I don't even know your name."
He stepped closer and lifted his hand to touch her cheek. Her flesh smoldered beneath his fingers, and she held her breath.
"My name is Kyr--...um..."
He seemed so unsure of himself, she couldn't stop the giggle. "Don't you know?"
He grinned at her. "Of course. It's...Kyree. What's yours?
"Kyree? That's a beautiful name."
"Thanks, and yours?"
His smile devastated her insides and made her tongue feel triple its size. "It's...Dana."
His fingers moved from her cheek down to her neck. "Such a beautiful and perfect pearl."
A feeling she'd never known before blossomed within her body, flooding her senses. She didn't know Kyree, but she couldn't resist the desire that awakened within her. His face descended, and she titled her head to receive his kiss. Her fingers slid into his hair as his arms tightened around her, his hands lowering to her ass. As their bodies melded together, Dana suddenly wished clothing did not separate them. Kyree kissed her again, pulling her body closer, and passion erupted between them. When she had to pull away to breathe, she stared into his face. "What is going on?"
His response was breathless and out of control. "I don't know, but I can't stop touching you."
Between kisses, she managed to get out two words: "Then don't."
"There's a motel right here."
At first she couldn't be certain that he'd said the words or if she'd just thought them. She opened her eyes to see the question in his. Common sense had fled, leaving only naked desire. She wanted...no, she needed to become one with him. "Get a room fast, before I come to my senses."
He kissed her long and hard before reluctantly releasing her. "I'll be right back."
As Kyree turned to walk away, an unpleasant feeling replaced Dana's desire. Something heavy and painful suddenly shot from her back. She looked over her shoulder and nearly choked on her tongue. Black wings cut the air behind her.
Guy chose that moment to interrupt. "I knew she was a tease...Wait, what?"
In terror Dana raced off, trying to outrun the monstrous things on her back. She screamed as the wings lifted her off the ground.
Kyree spun back around to where she had been standing, but then looked around in surprise. "Dana?! Where are you?"
Guy backed off, holding up his hands and pointing to the sky. "She's a freak, man. You can have her."
Kyree growled at him as he ran off like a coward.
"Dana?" He called again, looking up into the darkness and running in the direction she flew.

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